RSS what? iGoogle who?

If you are familiar with these two terms, then this post is not for you.  However, if you don’t now what a ‘Real Simple Syndication’ (or RSS) is or are wondering why there is an “i” before Google, read on…

Triad PRstore - RSS Feed button / icon

Triad PRstore - RSS Feed button / icon

You’ve probably seen the RSS button before but didn’t know what it meant.  It is actually a simple (real simple) way for people to subscribe to a feed of your website or blog.  They will view this information on an external site such as iGoogle ( that acts as a dashboard/homepage.  When someone has subscribed via RSS feed, they will receive updated content using iGoogle or a similar reader.

iGoogle is great because it allows you to ad lots of RSS feeds.  They could be websites, blogs, widgets submitted to Google for use on iGoogle pages, even searches.  For example, I was looking for tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert last week in Raleigh.  Instead of searching 15 times per day to see if any posted new tickets for sale, I just subscribed to my search and placed it on my iGoogle homepage. I could then see my search for “Kenny Chesney” on Craigslist in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, all in the same place!

Finally, if you want to subscribe via RSS, do this.  Click on the RSS icon, choose a reader ie-iGoogle, then click “add to Google homepage and voila!

Now you know all about RSS Feeds!


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